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Breaking the Bestseller Barrier

Unconventional, Unapologetic, Unstoppable

Final Encore Presentation, Live November 6th at 7pm EST

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Have you ever wondered how some books effortlessly land on the bestseller list while most stall before nosediving into oblivion forever?

It’s never about the writing, it's not even about the publisher.

It's a catalyst I call the Stellar Bestseller Launch.

Just what is it?

It's a set of actions leading up to your book's soft launch and full release.

If you're looking to publish a book soon, or even if you've already published one, you need this masterclass.

“If you are going to get beat out for the #1 spot in Business & Professional Humor, I guess it isn’t bad to get beat out by Conan O’Brien. 😂😂😂

Problem Solved is already a best seller in 3 categories. It will make you laugh, make you think and help you move forward faster!?”


If you're writing a book...

Or even if you're only thinking of writing a book...



Masterclass Highlights



Uncover the often overlooked factors that influence your book’s success trajectory.


Step-by-step guidance to turn your writing into tangible success.


An opportunity to harness lasting and sustainable earnings from your book ideas.

Why join us?

I had just settled into my favorite café spot when Sarah, with her infectious energy, plopped down next to me, holding her latest bestseller.

There we were, the ambiance setting the perfect mood, when she leans in close and teases:

"You know, Scott, most authors are playing checkers, but I've been mastering chess."

I've always admired Sarah's prowess, but this piqued my curiosity to new heights.

Eagerly, I probed:

"Okay, Sarah, you've got my attention. What's the game-changer?"

Her lips curled into a sly smile, eyes gleaming with mischief and mystery, and she whispered:

"The secret isn't in the writing, love. It's in the dance before the debut."

I was hooked, as if born for this moment, to

hang on to every word, every hint.

She delved deeper, her confidence palpable:

"I've pioneered a method, one that defies the norms, tailored just for coaches. It's not about following the herd. It's about leading the pack."

As Sarah unraveled her audacious strategy, I felt like I was being initiated into an exclusive club of literary rebels.

And this doesn’t just work for existing authors.

In fact, if you’re new to writing, this is likely the most crucial method you can leverage, as it will make or break the rest of your career, both as an author, and as a coach.

So, for those daring enough to challenge the status quo, Sarah and I are laying it all bare in this groundbreaking masterclass.

This masterclass is for new and existing authors who don’t want to just be cookie-cutter writers.

And having tapped into this revolutionary approach, I can vouch for its transformative power.

But wait, there's more...

Join us, and I'll shed light on my own thrilling journey, all thanks to Sarah's maverick map.

Finally, as a bonus, I’ll give you a peak into how you can have your own bestseller published by the end of November, without spending hours a day writing.

Ready to shake things up?

Your story. Your success.

By joining us, you’re paving the way for your book’s success and sharing your message with the world.

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